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Colorado Rapids "Passback"
Donation Program

The Passback Program is a joint effort between the Colorado Rapids, the U.S. Soccer Foundation, Soccer Dreams Without Borders, and Major League Soccer to assist in meeting the soccer needs of all communities.

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Soccer Dreams Without Borders is an organization committed to providing educational opportunities to African children who are living on the street, living with life threatening diseases, have parents who are dying of HIV/AIDS or orphaned. The international language is soccer and the currency is soccer accessories.

The immediate goal is to provide soccer accessories to thousands of children who play with bare feet, use rolled up rags or banana leaves for a ball, play on a dirt field or in the street and can only dream of playing in a world cup. Through this means of communication, our ultimate goal is to improve the lives of these children through education.


Soccer Accessories As Currency

In 2005 over twenty pairs of used soccer shoes and some shin pads were collected for distribution at Fountain Of Hope, a home for children living on the street in Lusaka, Zambia, Africa. Upon arriving boys and girls were playing soccer on a dirt field. One young boy was attempting to tie his very worn out tennis shoe with a weed and we offered to help by providing a rubber band. He thanked us and got back into the game that was made up of many children who were barefoot, had no uniforms, a worn out “ball” and rocks that outlined the goal.

The shoes that we delivered to Africa were taken by the headmaster at Fountain of Home and were given to those students who performed and achieved goals that were agreed upon. The students received the equipment at an awards ceremony.


Soccer Dreams Without Borders
Evergreen, Colorado