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For years an Evergreen soccer family was faced with a problem common to parents everywhere - a garage full of unused and outgrown soccer equipment. During the planning of a trip to Africa, they thought "why not put all this unused soccer equipment to good use?". They not only packed up their own used soccer gear but also those of teammates. The support and interest shown by the community was overwhelming to the point that they decided to begin collecting unused soccer accessories on a more organized basis. This was the beginning of an organization called Soccer Dreams Without Borders (SDWB).


Soccer Dreams Without Borders mission is to provide educational opportunities to impoverished children living on the street, orphaned, living with life threatening diseases or have parents who are dying of HIV/AIDS.


Our vision is to solicit soccer accessories as the entry point into the lives of African children, identify soccer players as mentors who collectively with the help of professionals will provide education concerning good health care and economic opportunities.


Soccer may be referred to as futebol or football in many parts of the world but it is still the same game, played by the same rules and organized under the international heading of FIFA. Every four years the World Cup is played and sixteen countries from throughout the world eventually must qualify to play in the most popular sport. The 2010 World Cup will be played in South Africa where over five million people are HIV positive and almost 28% of pregnant women in South Africa are tested HIV positive. South Africa as the host country will automatically qualify and there will surely be other African nations as there have been in the past. Soccer Dreams Without Borders plans to be the link between youth soccer in the USA and the impoverished youth soccer player in South Africa who is dreaming of playing in a world cup and may be playing in bare feet, using a ball made of rags and has never been near a field of grass, only dirt. In effect the USA teams will adopt African teams as sister and brother clubs. Soccer accessories from the USA will have valuable, life saving conditions attached however that will focus on the root causes of poverty. The conditions presented by soccer player mentors and professional organizations will explain the benefits of health care, prevention of diseases such as malaria/tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS education, prevention and awareness.


Current Projects



  • Kidsafe

  • Lower Zambezi Conservation Trust


  • Sunday Stars FC


  • ASC Jamono 2


  • Into Your Hands


  • Lost Boys of Sudan





  • African
  • Burma

Catholic Charities


“Soccer Dreams Without Borders is proud to partner with the Colorado Rapids and Kroenke Sports Charities to collect new and slightly used soccer equipment for children in Metro Denver and internationally.”

The Passback Program is a joint effort between the Colorado Rapids, the U.S. Soccer Foundation, Soccer Dreams Without Borders, and Major League Soccer to assist in meeting the soccer needs of all communities.  

Since its inception, the Rapids have held collections for soccer gear that has been collected and distributed to underserved schools, clubs, and organizations throughout the country and abroad. Equipment collected by Passback has also been distributed to countries as far away as Africa and the ultimate goal is to collect and distribute a million items of soccer gear in the U.S.A. 

New and gently-used soccer equipment is collected prior to designated Rapids games each season. Colorado Youth Soccer Clubs are encouraged to donate a complete set of their team uniforms when buying new uniforms.  Click here to visit the Rapids Website

Click here to visit the Facebook page for Kroenke Sports Charities


Soccer Dreams Without Borders
Evergreen, Colorado